CIM Group is company that specializes in ATM, bank, and security support and construction. With an increase of competitors in the market and a struggling economy, they were looking to freshen up their brand image, create new marketing materials, and a new website in order to expand their service region and attract new clients.

In re-designing their logo we didn’t want to confuse existing clients by straying too far from their existing logo and color scheme.

Logo Design

Cim Group logos

The old CIM Group Inc logo (left) vs the new logo (right)


Business Card

Business Card

CIM Group business card design


Print Design

Using the new logo and design theme we then created all new brochures, sales sheets, and a new website.

Presentation Folder

CIM Group presentation folder


Website Design

Customized a pre-designed Joomla! CMS template. Flash widget on the main page that scrolls through a listing of all the services offered.

Website Design


Social Media


CIM Facebook page


CIM Group Twitter page with custom background image


Trade Show

Trade Show Booth

CIM Group trade show booth back-drop design


Complete Business Branding

Complete Business Branding

Design and branding for all business needs