Kava Kingdom was a new online business that offered the sale of kava products for US customers. They needed a complete identity package that included a logo, color scheme, product packaging, and website with a shopping cart.


Logo Design

Kava Kingdom Logo


Product Packaging

Since the target consumer for Kava Kingdom was the US market we wanted to create a brand identity that, while keeping the traditional tropical island feel, would also separate itself from competitors. Rather than use the traditional intricate and detailed Tahitian and South Pacific design that most competitors are using we wanted to creating a logo and packaging design that was clean, simple, and more in line with current product packaging on the shelves of stores in the US.

Product labels

Kava Kingdom packaging label designs

Product Packaging labels


Product Photography

Product photo shoot

Product Photo

Photography for online catalog of products and packaging


 Website Design


Website product page

Kava Kingdom Website product page and shopping cart


Product listing on Amazon.com


Social Media

Setup, customization, and graphic design for all social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Google +


Kava Kingdom Facebook page


Kava Kingdom Twitter page


Kava Kingdom Google+ page


Banner Advertising

Design of banners to be used for Google online advertising

Banner Ad