KOR-fx was a new product still in the development stages. They had a couple different logo designs and different color schemes that they had been using on their product and promotional materials. BAM Guru’s goal was to come up with a new single logo and color scheme for their KOR-fx product that would appeal to the video game demographic. Since the KOR-fx product was a wearable game device that would send vibrations through your body, in the new logo we gave the font a more gamer/futuristic look and created a glowing “vibration” effect through the middle.

KOR-fx logo redesign

The two logos that were being used interchangeably (left) the new logo (right)


Business Cards

KOR-fx business card design


Print Material

KOR-fx flyer design

KOR-fx 5.5″x8.5″ double sided flyer design



KOR-fx t-shirt design

KOR-fx men’s t-shirt design with product image

KOR-fx t-shirt design

KOR-fx women’s t-shirt design

KOR-fx t-shirt design

KOR-fx men’s t-shirt design



Trade Show

Trade show booth

Large 10’x10′ trade show booth back-drop design


Trade show signage

KOR-fx sight-up signage at their trade show booth