As a retail video game store franchise, Play N Trade had a great concept but struggled for many years to gain traction with gaining new franchise owners. After about six years with little growth it was decided that a re-brand was required before pushing forward with a new sales and marketing effort. This was to be a complete overhaul that included a new logo, brand color scheme, signage, and new marketing material that would all reflect a completely new retail store build-out design. Before the re-brand they had only managed to open about 10 franchise locations in six years… after the re-brand and re-focused sales efforts they were able to sell over 100 franchise opportunities in just six months!


Logo Design

Play N Trade logo redesign

The old Play N Trade logo (left) vs the re-designed PNT logo (right)


The goal with the logo was to create something sleek, modern, and would appeal to the gamer demographic. We also wanted to create an icon within the logo that could be used an stand-alone icon in the store and on marketing materials. Another consideration when creating the logo was a design that could affordably be converted into channel letter store-front signage.

Old vs new store design

Business Cards

Business card design

Business card design with the new logo and color scheme


Print Material

Presentation Folder

Presentation Folder design (flat unfolded view)



T-shirt designs

One of more than dozens of different t-shirt , hat, and apparel designs.

Vehicle Wraps

The real challenge we had for the vehicle wrap was coming up with a single design that could could be used on all different makes and models of vehicles. Most companies that wrap vehicles have a fleet of vehicles with the same body type. Since we were a franchise and didn’t have a make and model requirement, franchisees could wrap any vehicle they wanted. The power in branding is consistency so we had to come up with a design that not only looked good, prominently displayed the logo, used the brand colors, but would also be able to do all those things on any vehicle body type…

PNT Vehicle Wrap

Play N Trade vehicle wrap design


Video Production

Short franchise opportunity promo video that we shot in-house in an empty office.